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Musis Arnhem

Arnhem, Netherlands

Musis Sacrum is officially located on the Velperbuitensingel at the Velperplein. The Musis Sacrum concert hall has been the center of Arnhem's music life since 1847, for the last hundred years the building is also the house of Het Gelders Orchestra. Musis Sacrum was extensively refurbished and renovated in 1995 to give the orchestra a maximum play and rehearsal space. Concert hall Musis Sacrum has a large concert hall with 950 chairs, a conference room with 500 chairs and various other halls for various activities, events, dinners, party presentations and meetings. Musis Sacrum has its own café-restaurant 'Mahler'.

SRS's Dutch partner provided this venue with NDPseries RCK dimmer packs mounted in a RCK installation rack for fixed installations.

Devices used