• Two DMX inputs merge into single DMX output
  • RDM ANSI E1.20 as a standard
  • Fully isolated DMX = Optocoupler isolation + DC/DC power
  • All DMX/RDM outputs are boosted signals 
    (connects up to 32 devices per output)
  • DMX channel offset for each input and also output
  • DMX scenes can be loaded when input signal is lost
  • DMX scenes can be mixed using HTP / LTP rules
  • Shift of the DMX address for all inputs and outputs
  • Minimum scene setting (for LED equipment)
  • Firmware update using the SRS upgrade cable


The DXD-DIN is a DIN rail-mount DMX merger that combines 2 DMX sources into one single DMX source using either HTP, LTP or a priority (DMX-A has a priority by default,  if it fails, DMX-B is the output). It is ideal for applications where two desks have to share the same DMX line (for example creating an automatic backup switch-over between master and slave desks if the master desk fails) or when two DMX lines have to be merged for house-light control.

All connections are made using screw terminals

The unit is easily controlled using a 12 by 2 symbol display and 4 buttons.The display shows several pages of information including: DMX A and B status and the merger mode.

Product code: 927025


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