• Single channel 6kW DMX / fader dimmer
  • Main voltage: AC230V / 32A, single phase
  • Output: 6kW / 25A
  • SRS Generator technology
  • SRS Studio Rise-time 400us
  • Dual pole 1P+N protection
  • DMX connectors: XLR 3 & 5-pin
  • LTP merging rule between DMX / fader
  • Input / output connector: CEE32/3p black


The Dimmer DP6 is designed to fulfill all the requirements of most lighting applications – mainly in TV or special venues, where single channel dimming by various controlling ways is needed. DP6 is equipped with 400us rise-time choke that guarantees very low lamp noise.

Another benefit of DP6 is an option to use the W-DMX inside, which allows controlling the device without a DMX cable. Additionally, the DMX OUT connector serves as a source of the DMX signal for any other DMX equipment or color changer.

The unit can also be used as a W-DMX receiver using the W-DMX true OUT, since the W-DMX signal is retransmitted onto the DMX OUT output.




DMX connector


DP Wireless module

Product code: 90802x


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