DMX to RS232 / RS422 / USB converter


iGENT-G2 is a device that serves as a multi-functional converter from DMX to RS232 commands. The main feature is easy control user interface that helps to create and program new commands into the device.

iGENT-G2 was developed to control the DMX projectors, plasma TV displays and other devices with RS232 or RS422 port.

The device can also be controlled using the W-DMX signal and features the W-DMX true OUT function resulting the presence of the DMX signal from the W-DMX on the DMX OUT connector.

G2 Command support:
  • fw version 2.1:    55x commands consist of 30bytes
  • CUSTOM commands set on request


RS422+2xRELAY version

1PH Power Cable

DMX connector

Product code: 92900x

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