Wireless hybrid DMX / AC power splitter


  • 4-channel DMX splitter / booster
  • 4-channel AC power splitter (max 16A)
  • Optically isolated outputs 1000V
  • Amplification on each output
  • 2x LED indicator of the DMX line status for each output
  • W-DMX signal bargraph with slide antenna
  • Truss / wall-mount
  • M10 thread for C-clamp connection
  • Safety wire connection
  • Full range power supply: 85V-264V, 50/60Hz, 5W
  • Neutrik PowerCon connector


The DST4WH is a handy 4-channel portable splitter / booster of the DMX signal and AC power
Every DMX output features LED indication of the DMX status and is optically isolated up to 1000V. The unit also provides a true output for easy daisy-chaining of other DMX devices. 
Every AC Power output contains a Power OUT Neutrik PowerCon connector that is capable of maintaining up to 16A current.

In addition, this unit includes W-DMX feature that is capable of communicating with other W-DMX devices without wires. 

You can choose the type of wireless card:

  • Wireless Solution W-DMX
  • LumenRadio CRMX

Unit can be easily mounted on truss using SRS straps (included) or M10 clamp (not included).

The DST4WH comes with 3- or 5-pin XLR connectors or a combination of them.

All SRS splitters are covered by a life-time warranty.


Splitter + receiver version

Splitter + transceiver version

1PH Power Cable

DMX connector

BAR Wireless module options

Product code: 9100xx

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