RCK Network Dimmer Pack






  • Truly modular solution
  • Easy change or replacement of the dimmer for other device
  • Saves cost of installation in case of changing of front-end technology
  • Ideal for touring/studio installation
  • Possible to be mounted on standard telecom rack
  • Supplied with or without a power distributor

Main voltage: 3x230V / 400V / 40-65Hz
Main current: 3x20 up to 3x63A
Protection: General Electric 1P / 1P+N /1P+1P

  • DCdrive/pulse driving of triacs
  • RELAY/DIMMER on single channel - depends on curve
  • Theater or touring application
  • Rise-time of 400us
  • Main switch / GFI 30mA per unit
  • MCB or RCBO per channel
  • Double DMX input + RDM support
  • Ethernet connection / Art-Net / SRS.net / sACN
  • Software patch of Manual / DMX A / DMX B / Ethernet
  • Preheat for all or a separate channel
  • Free monitoring software
  • 100% duty cycle


The NDP RCK is a network dimmer pack especially adjusted to fit to the RCK system. The RCK system is a perfect solution for fixed installations, where quick and easy replacement of DDPNDP or SPU units is necessary. This 4U system features durable wheels and connectors that provide trouble-free operation. Several RCK units fit into a custom-made rack to meet the requirements of the venue.

The NDP RCK unit is controlled via a high speed RISC processor with high resolution D/A converter. This technology guarantees trouble–free operation and high-proof against the negative influence of surroundings with top class rise-time of 400us.

All NDPseries dimming/switch units are covered by a 5-year warranty.


1P protection

1P+N protection

RCK options

Product code: 9480xx

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