• 8/12-channel hoist controller 
  • SIL3 emergency stop
  • Each hoist has a separate protection MCB
  • RCD/GFI on main input
  • AUX output
  • Under-voltage & over-voltage protection
  • Protection against missing phase 
  • Input: AC 3x230V/400V, 50-60Hz
  • Output: depending on the GMC model
  • Device configuration fully scalable
  • Optional load-cell readout
  • External SIL3 Emergency stop available
  • IEC60204: SIL3


Touring rigging systems are designed as a modular system to provide an affordable and plug-and-play solution for touring rigging. Systems are able to control from 8 up to 128 channels of motors. System can be equipped with Direct Control or Low Voltage controller in combination with a load-cell readout unit for monitoring the load of structures.

Multi-pin split boxes are integrated in covers of rigging system. This makes them easily accessible and safely stored during transport. All TRS devices can be later upgraded with a load-cell readout including the emergency stop (E-STOP) function.

The complete system consists of the following units:
  • WMC - wireless / local controller
    - or -
    RMC - digital / local controller
  • GMC SIL3 - power box
  • Cables for interconnection of WMC/RMC and GMC
  • MC-SPLIT breakout boxes (installed in covers)
  • Drawer for additional storage place




GMC power box

WMC/RMC controller

Product code: 94300x

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