• Controls up to 12 direct voltage hoists
  • Automatic voltage check and hoist protection
  • Phase align 123/132 indication
  • Hoist types: BGV D8, BGV D8+
  • Link of GO / STOP buttons possible
  • Emergency STOP
  • Output: CEE16/4p
  • Size: 9U, 6U, 3U (MCBC12, 8, 4 respectively)


MCBC-DV controller was designed to fulfill all the requirements of clients who are looking a for cost efficient alternative hoist controller with premium quality and basic functions. It is equipped with high quality Schneider Electric / Eaton parts and housed in robust metal box.

The main feature of the MCBC-DV unit is the link option for GO and E-STOP buttons. The controller is also equipped with switches for the selection of hoists’ directions, the Manual Phase Align (MPA) on input plug and the Automatic Voltage Metering (AVM) with 123/132 phase align signalization

Compatible with:

  • CM lodestar
  • GIS
  • Trabes
  • Prolyft
  • Verlinde/Stagemaker


4-channel version, 3U

8-channel version, 6U

12-channel version, 9U


Product code: 9700xx


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