NLP 3U box

Network load cell processor 19'' rack mount


  • Up to 16 inputs for 4-20mA loadcells
  • 3U 19'' rack-mount
  • TFT full color display
  • Easy control using encoder and 2 buttons
  • Ethernet connection to computer
  • Power via PowerCon for easy daisy-chain connection
  • Easy use of any 5-pin DMX or audio cable
  • LED indication of link, limits and status
  • 2x E-STOP safety output for limit and warning
  • 2x RS485 line to connect to GMCseries or other systems
  • Supports various brands
  • Free software support/updates


The NLP unit was designed to process simple and accurate load measurements for the use in any number of rigging and load-bearing applications.

The unit consists of the following system elements:

  • Network load cell processor NLP
  • Shackle (does not come with the device)
  • MAC/PC software suite

The NLP reads values from analog loadcell shackles with 4-20mA outputs and features the direct E-STOP output for SIL-3 systems. The loads and groups are displayed on the front panel TFT color display. A PC or MAC is not needed during the operation or setup. The NLP can work as a fully independent part of the rigging setup.

NLP is now capable of being synchronized as a group via network using all linked NLP devices in the ETH network. This feature allows you to calculate the loads on all connected devices together within the network. Simply link all the desired units with link cables and select option “group synchronization" in either menu of the units.

The NLP is an easy-to-use and user-friendly device developed by riggers. Its universal power supply allows the system to be used worldwide.




19'' rack mount

Product code: 968xxx

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