Motor runner/Chain rewind


The MR32 Motor Runner/Chain rewind was designed to rewind chain on up to 2 electrically compatible motors/hoists. 

The device is equipped with unique BPA (Blocked Phase Align) module, which guarantees that the motors are moving in the same direction, when there is the right align of input phases. If phases are aligned incorrectly, user can switch the phase align easily by twist of pins on the main connector to ensure safe operation.

Another feature of MR32 is the AVM (Automatic Voltage Metering) module. This module checks main voltage for AC 400V +-20%, star configuration and protects the hoists in case of problem with main voltage.

The unit will NOT go into the safe function if:

  • one phase is missing
  • neutral is missing
  • there is under-voltage on lines
  • there is over-voltage on lines

All electrical components carry their own individual CE and comply with the European Directives. The unit is housed in a robust steel body with powder coating and complies with CE according to the Certification of conformity that comes with it.





Product code: 9771xx