Digital cable remote for 24+ channels


Controlling 48 channels from one place?

With ADR-DIGI-AHD there so no need to worry about jumping to and from hoist controllers. You can simply select which controllers are controlled by each group of wired ADR-DIGI controller that is linked to all digital controllers using display and function wheel.

ADR-DIGI-AHD is a digital cable remote that is capable of controlling a group of digital controllers that are linked with each other. Using a wheel with 4 push buttons and LCD display, the distribution of control channels can be set and adjusted for the needs of every individual. Simply said, you decide which channels control every one of your digitally linked controllers.

ADR-DIGI-AHD comes in 24, 36 and 48-channel versions and can be linked with AHDseries digital controllers both direct and low voltage made by SRS Rigging.




Product code: 95800x


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