FLEXi PDU is the next generation of power distributor that will fulfill all the requirements of your desired power distribution unit. With FLEXi PDU you can build your favorite touring configuration by yourself easily in a moment.

FLEXi PDU offers modular, flexible and easy to change configuration. Thanks to measurement of current/voltage for each socket, FLEXi PDU is safe-to-use and intelligent device.

FLEXi PDU is the result of our 25 years of know-how taken from hundreds of power distribution systems designed and manufactured until today. 

FLEXi Modules:

Product code Name Power output Metering  Advanced PM
922409CEE635-RGU-APMCEE 63/5RGU relay      yes
922410 2CEE325-RCBO-APM 2x CEE 32/5 2xRCBO      yes
922411 2CEE165-RCBO-APM2x CEE 16/5 2xRCBO      yes
922412 3CEE323-RCBO-APM 3x CEE 32/3 3xRCBO      yes
922413 2SX16-RCBO-APM 2x Socapex 19pin 6x16A 6xRCBOm      yes
922414 2H16-RCBO-APM 2x Harting 16pin 6x16A 6xRCBO      yes
922415 6C163-RCBO-APM 6x CEE 16/3 6xRCBO      yes
922416 6SF-RCBO-APM 6x French Schuko 16A 6xRCBO      yes
922417 6SC-RCBO-APM 6x German Schuko 16A 6xRCBO      yes
922418 CEE635-RGU CEE 63/5 RGU relay
922419 2CEE325-RCBO 2x CEE 32/5 2xRCBO
922420 2CEE165-RCBO 2x CEE 16/5 2xRCBO
922421 3CEE323-RCBO 3x CEE 32/3 3xRCBO
922422 2SX16-RCBO 2x Socapex 19pin 6x16A 6xRCBO
922423 2H16-RCBO 2x Harting 16pin 6x16A 6xRCBO
922424 6C163-RCBO 6x CEE 16/3 6xRCBO
922425 6SF-RCBO 6x French Schuko 16A 6xRCBO
922426 6SC-RCBO 6x German Schuko 16A 6xRCBO

We also offer MCBC4-DV module that is a 4-channel hoist controller with Socapex 19pin MPA, AVM and Link GO+ESTOP.


Flexi Main Frame

Product code: 92242x

This product is discontinued.
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