DMX to RS232 / RS422 / USB converter


iGENT is a device that serves as a multi-functional converter from DMX to RS232 commands. The main feature is easy control user interface that helps to create and program new commands into the device.

iGENT was developed to control the DMX projectors, plasma TV displays and other devices with RS232 or RS422 port.

The device can also be controlled using the W-DMX signal and features the W-DMX true OUT function resulting the presence of the DMX signal from the W-DMX on the DMX OUT connector.

Command support:
  • fw version 1.5:    55x commands consist of 30bytes
  • fw version 1.6:    113x commands consist of 12bytes
  • fw version 1.7:    112x commands consist of 12bytes + PREFIX

RS232 output via D-SUB 9-pin:

  • TX/RX

RS422 output via screw terminal:

  • TX data
  • RX data

Product code: 927029

This product is discontinued.
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