• 10-channel DMX/RDM splitter / booster
  • Single universe unit
  • Optically isolated outputs 1000V
  • Amplification on each output
  • 2x LED indicator of the DMX/RDM status for each output
  • Termination switch with LED indication
  • 1U, 19'' rack-mount
  • Full range power supply: 85V-264V, 50/60Hz, 10W
  • Neutrik PowerCon connector
  • Optional wall-mount adapters


The DSR10-RDM is a 19'' 1U rack-mount single-group 10-channel splitter / booster of both the DMX and RDM signal. Every output features LED indication of the DMX/RDM status and an RDM filter, and is optically isolated up to 1000V. The unit also provides a true output for easy daisy-chaining of other DMX/RDM devices.

RDM filter functions:

  • Easy mix and match the RDM and non-RDM devices on a single unit
  • Removes RDM commands for legacy support
  • When engaged, the corresponding channel works with standard DMX signal only
The DSR10-RDM comes with 3- or 5-pin XLR connectors or a combination of them.

All SRS splitters are covered by a life-time warranty.

Firmware 1.4 on 16.7.2020 is fixing

1. RDM discovery time

2. RDM filter issues

3. FW version is shown by blinking on RDM LED without DMX after power cycle


1PH pwr style

1PH Power Cable

DMX connector

1PH optional 0,75mm cable

Product code: 9100xx


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