Art-Net node and Gigabit Switch


ANGS is a multi-channel Art-Net/sACN node and Gigabit switch with 4 or 16 DMX universes. It works as a Art-Net/ sACN converter, DMX splitter and DMX control matrix. It features built-in Gigabit Switch with 4x RJ45 ports on the back and 16 DMX connectors, which can be configured according the required control mode. 

For easy setup and use, ANGS is equipped with a display with an Encoder and 2 push buttons that are used to make necessary adjustments on the device.

Moreover, the device features optional Wi-Fi AP and client module offering easy control of functions and link to the network via wireless infrastructure.

ANGS can be controlled locally, using the UltiSense software or a web page.


DMX connector

Product code: 9290xx

This product is discontinued.
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