Main voltage: AC 230V / 40-65Hz
Main current: 1x 6A max
Protection: Slowly blow-able fuses on each output, separate fuse for electronics

  • SNAP-IN power and DMX terminals
  • DMX512 control
  • RDM ANSI E1.20 as a standard
  • Software patch
  • Preheat setting
  • Limit setting
  • Editable custom dimming curves
  • Convectional and LED bulb dimming
  • Convectional cooling without a fan
  • Double overheat protection
  • DIN-rail or wall mount


The DDL4 LED dimmer offers 4x 300W dimming for low wattage classic or LED light bulbs via triac with DC-drive/Pulse-fire technology that guarantees dimming of very small loads.

The device is powered by the single-phase mains. It is controlled by 12 by 2 character LCD display with encoder and two buttons. The DDL4 features preheat, limits and the selection of various output curves.

There is a free software available for custom output curve creation and update. For the software update, SRS’s USB to DMX programmer cable can be connected to the device via DMX port.

Product code: 928001

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